FASHION // HERS: Guide to Holiday (Online) Shopping

The holidays are coming waaaay too fast, and those terrible people (jk, kinda) who get their shopping done early are already asking whether you’re finished or not. Avoid mall craziness and visit these three beautifully curated online shops. Grab some hot chocolate and let’s get on this…

/ 1 / A Mano

This is a new shop put together by Minnesota photographer Louisa Podlich. We love the bold black-and-white header that greets us, and the subtle holiday touchs incorporated into the photos. It’s hard to pick just a few as gift suggestions, but we’re eyeing the triangle pouch and, continuing an ode to our love of geometry, these coasters.

/ 2 / The Cools

Much of the time ads on Facebook skew more towards random (like the time yours truly kept seeing ads for Stripper Booty Shorts - what?). The Cools kept popping up on our radar, and we’re real glad we gave them a visit. The site is a marketplace for young, up-and-coming designers from all around the world. This crazy space dress by a Seoul-based designer or this “It’s not right but it’s ok” shirt will make the fashion forward member of your family/friend group a very happy person.

/ 3 / Madesmith

Madesmith recently created a spectacular holiday gift guide for us (give it a look here!). While putting it together, we revisited one of our favorite sites. One of the crowning features of this beautiful site is the in-depth story they tell about each maker. The story along with a tour of their studio gives you a true idea of where each item comes from. We’re jonesin’ for these clogs, and this rose apothecary set.

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