SON OF A SAILOR // EVENTS: Spilled Milk Social Club Fundraiser

Sometimes there are struggles before something amazing happens, and we know that will be the case with Spilled Milk Social Club, an after school program that serves as a creative collective for kiddos to “explore creativity and the arts from myriad perspectives.”

Our friends Ali and Stella are the founders and operators of Spilled Milk Social Club (which is just about the best name ever for an after school program). After a year and a half in operation, they’ve been planning a move to a cool old church on Red River in the Hyde Park area of Austin.

They were on their way to obtaining permits and getting the building ready to go when they were told they’d need a new fire alarm system (which ain’t cheap, folks). Then, this happened.

A man, in broad daylight, completely destroyed the bus they use to transport kids. The video in the news article, captured by some nearby skaters, shows the man kicking in the windshield, ripping off mirrors and kicking in the back window. Now, Ali and Stella are having to cover those expenses out-of-pocket along with the original building update expenses.

We want to help them out! Both of these super-talented, kiddo-lovin’ ladies have vast and diverse experience in childcare and education, with PhD’s in education, experience teaching in Korea, and years teaching at public schools between them. Come out to the fundraiser December 1 at Antone’s in Austin! There will be a silent auction (that SOS will be a part of), karaoke, a talent show featuring some of the SMSC kids, and more. Click here for more event info, and visit the SMSC site to learn more about this awesome program.

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