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Photo Credit: Namour Kickstarter

The projects and collaborations we are fortunate to work on involve some amazing makers, chefs, designers, etc. This is the first time we’re involved with a filmmaker, and it was instant love when we saw her Kickstarter campaign.

Heidi Saman is basically a badass. She’s a filmmaker and an associate producer for Terry Gross’s Fresh Air on NPR. The film still on the main page had us smitten with its gritty, gangster paradise image and lipstick pink cursive for the title.


Photo Credit: Heidi Saman 

After watching the trailer and reading the plot, you’d think a film like this would be immediately attractive. It’s relevant (addresses millennial issues) with a relatively easy studio pull (Saman has already directed a film featured at Cannes and Slamdance). Unfortuntaly, Saman was rejected multiple times by studios because the plot didn’t abide by traditional “ethnic” movie plots, such as a large family planning a wedding, terrorist plots or oppressed women. Which… how incredibly archaic is that?!

Son of a Sailor Supply is working with Saman to provide custom wooden USB drives as a pledge item to the Kickstarter. For the $120 level, you’ll receive a drive customized for Namour with photos from the set and behind-the-scenes extras. Visit the Kickstarter page for more info and to learn more about Heidi herself.


Photo Credit: Namour Kickstarter // This is the Ed Ruscha painting made out of Pepto-Bismol and Caviar that inspired the visuals for the film.

There are fourteen days left and so far they’ve reached $13,880 out of $25,000. Let’s help ‘em reach that $25,000 mark! There’s no reason we shouldn’t see a film this promising up on the big screen.

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