It’s one of your last weekends before holiday madness and you can take one of two routes: hide away at home or GO HARD. It’s the first weekend of East Austin Studio Tour and here at Son of a Sailor we’re going for option number 2. After you make your EAST rounds during the day (come visit us at Canopy on Springdale!) hang around Canopy for the magnificent Whitebox Studio afterparty.

The always lovely/amazing Daniel and the collaborative of Cody Hamilton, Annie Ray, etc etc will be hosting a party from 4-8pm featuring music, libations and a cold brew keg (!!). Annie Ray will have a photo booth from 4-6pm. Click here for the link to the Facebook invitation.

Annnnnd, after that, keep your energy up for the crazy art circus that will be going on at fellow EAST stop Wink Studios. Among many reasons to end your night with this event are Mad Dog (yes, that Mad Dog) Snow Cones, live music by the Del-Vipers (featuring our own Dave Hawkins), arcade games and an electric piano fun machine. Click here for more info.

We hope to see your bright, shiny, art-lovin’ faces at any of these events tonight! Just excuse anything we might say after multiple Mad Dog snow cones…

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