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Madesmith is a site both lovely and absolutely essential. That may seem like a weird way of putting it, but few other online shopping destination (that we know of) makes the story of makers and designers the highlight of the shopping experience. Even if you’re supporting small artisans online, it can still feel somewhat anonymous if you don’t know their background and what drives them to create. Simply put, it’s a really nice thing.

Theme: “Gifts for the host” 

'Tis the season for holiday party after holiday party, from the fancy one your aunt's having to your friend's ugly sweater party. Any of the items featured here would be delightful gifts for a range of occasions.

1. Wooden cooking utensil set by Stephane Hubert

Stephane Hubert does a brilliant job of reimagining furniture and home accessories from reclaimed and repurposed wood. And what does he do with the wood remnants? He fashions them into clean, modern kitchen utensils. It’s a kitchen set with an existing history, and ready for creating more delicious memories. $45

2.  Perfume Solid by Marble & Milkweed

This rare Gardenia perfume solid is the perfect mix of warm and floral scents for the cool weather. Briar Winters created this blend with entirely botanical ingredients so there are no synthetics involved. I think it’s the perfect gift to bring for your hostess as the perfume solid comes in a beautiful metal container that can be reused later. $75

3.  Luxury handmade soaps by The Greater Goods

Having used these handmade soaps personally, I can tell you they transform your showering experience dramatically. The calming, natural scents envelop you and linger on your skin for the rest of your day. A set of 2 super moisturizing bar soaps made with organic essential and vegetable oils handcrafted by Arian Franz. Each set contains one Cedarwood & Rosemary bar and one Activated Charcoal bar. $20

4. Mrs. Rogers Apron by Hedley & Bennett

Whether you’re an aspiring chef, or a professional one. We promise that Ellen Bennett’s handmade apron is the only one you’ll ever need. Our favorite part of this apron is the splash of color provided by the coral straps. $85

5. Nested bowls by Clam Lab

We love the simple, clean esthetic of this set of nested bowls handmade by Clair Catillaz in her Brooklyn studio. Whether it’s warm oatmeal for breakfast, a crunchy salad at lunch or thick soup at dinner, it feels a little extra special in one of these bowls. $98

6. Serving tray by MFEO

What’s a better gift than a handmade serving tray for someone who likes to hosts parties. These trays are made from reclaimed wood from Aaron’s grandfather’s 100 year old barn. Aren’t the leather handles just gorgeous? $150

7. Small multipurpose knife by Chelsea Miller Knives

This 7-inch multipurpose knife is made from horse files and wood files. It’s perfect for cutting cheeses and fruit. Each knife is made individually by Chelsea Miller in her studio with a lot of attention to it’s detail. If properly taken care of, these knives are made to last a very long time. $135

8. Notecard set by Sesame Letterpress

There is something beautiful about handwritten notes, even if they are on a piece of plain paper. This set of notecards by Sesame Letterpress add a little more style to your thoughts and love that simply can’t be expressed in a note sent electronically. $30

We can easily go down the rabbit hole of Madesmith makers, and the range of prices makes a lot of these items easily accessible gifts. Plus, it’ll be a really cool thing when you can show the gift recipient the story and studio photos behind their gift.

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