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East Austin Studio Tour has been gaining traction in Austin and in the art world since its inception twelve years ago. This year will be a landmark year for the tour, as the folks who started it, Big Medium, will be housed in Austin’s newest major creative development, Canopy. Come out this weekend and next, from 11am to 6pm, to see some of the most innovative work being done on a local and national scale.

If you haven’t been, this is the time to come check it out. You can hit a lot of studios just by stopping by Canopy (including yours truly, Son of a Sailor!) and perusing the art, drinking the booze and talking to the friendly artisans and makers that are our neighbors.


Credit: Austin Chronicle

EAST is a very commuter-friendly tour, with a lot of the studios being within walking or biking distance of each other. From Canopy, you can head around the corner to the Tillery Street area where Tillery Park and the converted Mrs. Baird’s Bakery will be open with studios, shopping and fine libations (look out for The Juice Well). Visit the folks doing cool things at Hatch workshop, a collective of makers and designers who work with wood, old machinery and reused materials.

Within Canopy, we recommend popping your head into as many studios as possible. Particularly if you’re involved or interested in any sort of creative endeavor, this is a great weekend to make some connections while studio doors are open and people are drinking (kidding, kind of).

Three studios on our list are:

 A Strange Object, an independent press that’s been generating a lot of buzz with interviews in Publishers Weekly and a strong presence at this year’s Texas Book Festival.


Photo Credit: Austin Chronicle

Mark Goodman is a photography professor at UT capturing everyday moments in a way both simple and incendiary. This documentary project, described as “a love letter to the common place” by the Village Voice, is a fine example.


Photo Credit: Artblart.com (originally Mark Goodman) 

Third, Rebecca Rothfus' studio is another must-visit. She works with pencil, gouache and paper to create topographical explorations with minimal lines and pops of color.


On Saturday night, our friends at Wink Studios will be hosting a veritable carnival of art, music (the Del-Vipers), nature hikes, Mad Dog snow cones, an electric piano fun machine (not entirely sure what that is but yes, omg) and arcade games. Need we say more? More info about the event on their facebook page.

Come out this weekend, the 16th and 17th, and next weekend, the 23rd and 24th. It’ll be a real good time and a way to enjoy one of the last low-key weekends before holiday madness. For general tour info, visit the EAST main page for maps and studio numbers. See y’all this weekend!

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