// 3 Links We Love //

/ My Vintage Book Collection / This is the blog form of Etsy shop Elwood & Eloise, owned by blogger Mallory McInnis. She’s an Internet renaissance woman with multiple great Tumblrs, an Etsy shop, this rad blog Gems, and more. These crystal clear scans of images from old children’s books (most of which are now no longer published) provide great retro color inspiration.

/ How Architects Turned This Former Set From “The Wire” Into a Training Ground for Tomorrow’s Designers / This is just about one of the coolest things we’ve read all week. Baltimore Design School has opened as the first of its kind, a public middle and high school for students interested in graphic design, fashion and architecture. The building was once a decrepit clothing factory used on HBO’s “The Wire.” A $26.85 million overhaul produced the airy, modern school. via Fast Company

/ Throw Back Thursday ft. Mariah Carey / Mariah Carey has long been established as a diva icon, and The Coveteur did a truly superb montage to the halcyon Mariah days. We can all agree, though, that nineties Mariah was the best Mariah. The Coveteur did their throwback Thursday in honor of the “Dreamlover” Days. via The Coveteur 

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