FASHION // Style Inspiration from Music's New Leading Ladies

// New Music: Style inspiration from music’s new leading ladies //

Charli XCX - Charli XCX is not a household name yet (or, at least, a common name among teenagers) yet she co-wrote the song of the summer - “I Love It” with Icona Pop. Her style is killer and her music is just as badass. It’s dance floor pop borrowing from a mishmash of subcultures (hip hop, club culture, etc) with goth-esque undertones.

Get the look: Imagine the sort-of goths from high school - subtract the over-the-top elements of that look and add bright, eccentric club gear.

Lauren Mayberry of Cvrches - Simply put, Cvrches is the “next big thing.” They have the talent, the hooks and the persona to put them on the tips of peoples’ tongues this fall. Lauren Mayberry, as described in this MTV Hive piece, looks like the “rock star incarnation of the girl who broke my heart.” (The piece explains that this is a nice turn of events from the usual male version of this music trope). Her style, both in fashion and music, is delicate and fierce.

Get the look: The Unintentional Heartbreaker! Fierce + your own sense of style + feminine + rock and roll + lots of black = Lauren Mayberry’s style. Look at her polka dot dress and her striped skirt and top for inspiration.

Azealia Banks - Banks is a somewhat volatile figure who’s prone to Internet drama. That aside, she has enviably good, don’t-give-a-damn style and can make a mean dance floor track. Whether she’s mixing purple hair with a leather jacket and red pants (here!) or pairing a Mickey Mouse shirt with a bottle of Colt 45 (here!), she’s all young and fun and grunge and hip hop and we can’t argue with the effectiveness of that.

Get the look: Think bright colors, shiny materials, hip hop, and a healthy dose of Disney magic. Check out Shop Jeen or Nasty Gal for a similar look!

Credit: 1) Charli XCX  2) Lauren Mayberry 3) Azealia Banks

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