// Let’s Get Away //

Something about the beginning of fall gives us a case of wanderlust. Cabins, lakes, dusky dawn hikes, bonfires and warm people all sound delicious this time of year. Nature photographs, as stunning as they can be, are easy to pass over online because of sensory overload. There’s so many of them that it takes an extra something (or just as a jonesin’ for travel) to summon your attention. Here’s a round up of our favorites…

1 // Banff National Park - Canada // This photo, while fairly simple in its composition, stuns with its use of color. The dark lavenders and greys with the crystalline blue enhances the natural beauty without overwhelming in bright, saturated colors.

2 // Monument Valley - Colorado // Taken by photographer Albin Bezjak, this photo juxtaposes a cowboy made miniature by the colossal rock formations around him. The West gives landscape photography an instantly stark and beautiful color and texture palette to work with.

3 // Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument - New Mexico // Someone in a Yelp review (yep, national parks are reviewed on Yelp!) said they faked the Mars landing at this monument, and that seems like a pretty apt description of this otherworldly formation. The cone-shaped rocks are due to deposits of volcanic rock and ash from an explosion over 6 million years ago.

4 // Somewhere in America // We don’t know what part of America this photo was taken in but please take us there quickly. There’s something entirely too romantic about a tiny, semi-deserted mountain town surrounded by all of that beauty. The rundown house in the photo reminds us that the places we build come and go, and those mountains have seen so much before.

5 // Somewhere in Minnesota? // Renaissance man Wim Wenders (famous filmmaker, author and photographer) took this on a journey through the roadside gems in America. We’re guessing, if the Gold Medal Flour sign is any indication, this may have been taken in Minnesota, headquarters of the General Mills brands. The dark clouds lend a sense of imminent threat to an already stark photo. The faded tagline on the sign “Why Not Now” seems almost mocking.

6 // Somewhere in America // We leave you with a photo from one of the greats: Ansel Adams. Once again, we don’t know for sure where this was taken, but it’s safe to say it was somewhere in the West, possibly Northern California or the Pacific Northwest judging from the trees.

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