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We’re in the season of soups and hot sandwiches, warm bread from bakeries and candlelit dinners on chilly patios. Fall also tends to be the busiest of seasons (this writer’s still trying to figure out how to juggle a wedding, music festival and work schedule all in one weekend). With lots going on, relatively quick dinners are key. Our mommas and grandmas used to solve this with things like King Ranch casserole but we need easy meals updated for 2013 palettes.

First…the drink

Cranberry Apple Crush via Better Homes & Garden

This warm drink almost sounds like a cleanse with the apple, lime juice and and ginger ingredients. Once you combine the ingredients, it simmers for just five minutes before it’s ready to serve. Add a lil Kraken to this and you’re ready for a drink around the fire with friends.

Second, the sandwich…

Fall Sandwich via Not Without Salt

From award-winning blog Not Without Salt comes this simultaneously sweet and tangy sandwich dubbed simply, the Fall Sandwich. Combining a little gourmet gruyere with ham, all that’s left to add is the apple butter and arugula. Warm it up in the oven and you’re set.

Third, the soup…

Pumpkin Beer Cheese Soup via Spoon Fork Bacon

We’re not even sure if pumpkin beer cheese soup needs any description because it has three delicious things combined. This soup has a lot of ingredients but it looks totally worth it. Plus, make a lil extra and you’re set for a few days.

Fourth, the dining set…

Handmade Dinner Set  via Leslie Freeman Designs

These handmade, crackle glaze dining sets are available in custom colors. Make it a fall-inspired set with browns and reds or a simple cream set. This maker is out of Martha’s Vineyard and designs simple, elegant pieces.

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