CURATE // MAKER STORY: Crushin' on Boo & Boo Factory


Wood and Brass Statement Necklace 

The Son of a Sailor team discovered that we’re a little more internationally popular than we thought this week. Unfortunately, a company out of China took our design for the Sierra keychain and is now mass producing it. They even stole our photos. We’re still sorting out what action we can take legally, but the story here is the awesome lady who happened to see our stolen design and informed us about it.


Neon Pendant Necklace Geometric Color Block

Christina Anton is the spectacular, super friendly face behind Boo and Boo Factory, a jewelry line with amazing architectural lines, bold colors and intricate texture play. We were blown away by her pieces! Anton has been an architectural designer since 2006, working in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.


Geometric Brass Turquoise Necklace Native

Her background in computer modeling, animation and top notch fabrication techniques plus a bangin’ eye for color, prints and texture result in beautiful statement pieces. She’s been featured in Daily Candy, Lucky and designlovefest. We love the mixed use of natural materials (wood, brass, leather) with bright Lisa Frank-esque colors.

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