CURATE // ART & DESIGN: Surreal Collaging with Eugenia Loli

Collages, as visually striking and intricate as they can be, often initially give off the appearance of being a lot of retro kitsch. It’s when you look those few seconds longer that the breadth and story of the image unveils. Eugenia Loli's collages are particularly fun to deconstruct because what the viewer sees first in the bright, seemingly retro lite images are far from the often darker, satirical commentary that lies just a little ways underneath the surface.

Her technique is mostly all digital, with a lot of her background being in the tech world as a computer programmer and a tech journalist. In her artist’s statement she says she wanted to “leave that world behind in order to build new, exciting worlds via her art.” Even though they receive some digital manipulation, the images Eugenia works with are largely all vintage.

A writer from Cool Hunting described the appeal of her work: “Loli’s digital mash-ups manage to grab the viewer’s attention with bold focal images on rich and often surprising backdrops. Inspired by surrealism and modern collagists like cur3ses, the works present a sense of intrigue while being visually pleasant.” Check out her story here and her images here.

Photo Credit: Eugenia Loli

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