// 3 Links We Love This Week//

/ Ashton Kutcher’s Subculture Club / One of our favorite blogs on history, culture and abandoned stuff, Messy Nessy Chic, featured Ashton Kutcher’s Subculture Club recently. We had no idea Ashton was heavily into tech investment and was doing something this cool! The Subculture Club is on Thrash Lab, the Youtube channel Kutcher’s exec producer of, and features a range of communities, from barbershop culture to sushi chefs.

/ Ted Baker’s Redge Blaker / Ted Baker, the menswear and accessories line out of London, has a new correspondent in Redge Blaker (*cough* Gavin McInnes co-founder of Vice *cough*) He’s a man of high fashion who’s not afraid to hit the streets, as seen in these laugh out loud-worthy videos. Visit Streetwinker for the 411 on Mr. Blaker.

/ The Women of Wes Anderson Films / Into the Gloss clearly knows what catnip is for women of a certain demographic. Highlighting the off-kilter beautiful, always eccentric women of Anderson’s films also falls into perfect Halloween inspiration territory. It might be a little overplayed but, let’s be real, Margot Tenenbaum’s look never gets old.

Photo Credit: 1/ Messy Nessy Chic 2/ HonestlyWTF 3/ Into the Gloss

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