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/ Historic Water Tower Transformed Into A Nifty Multi-Purpose Space/ A Polish architect has a plan to transform a historic water tower in Wronki, a town in Poland, into a multi-purpose space for both commercial and retail purposes. Props to architect Adam Wiercinski for reinventing a space that’s not normally repurposed. Check out the concept art here. via Design Taxi

/ Goodie Goodie Gumdrops / Candy’s like a commercial, edible form of pop art. Looking down the aisle of a candy shop is like being at a gallery - all of the hues, sizes and textures. Gumdrops might be one of the most beautiful pieces. They’re minimal and bright and, with this recipe from Bakerella, you can make your own. via Bakerella

/ Katy Perry, y’all / Speaking of candy and gumdrops, we must admit we were a little excited to see that Katy Perry’s album is streaming. The first single from Prism, “Roar,” is an unapologetic anthem, and we can only hope the rest of the album delivers. Because pop music’s fun, y’all. And it’s the weekend and we’ve worked hard, right? via Vulture

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