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Using pink in interior design can easily turn into a frou frou affair, more suited for a Victoria’s Secret than color elements for a modern design scheme. Lately we’ve seen more experimenting with pink, in a variety of hues, whether in a staircase juxtaposed with white-wash walls or neon wall art.

We were determined to find some examples of the color that didn’t always bring to mind ultra-feminine decor (although a little of that is okay, too). Pink is an energizing color and it can be as empowering as it is soft. After looking up the color psychology behind pink, one website cited studies showing that prisoners exposed to pink felt calm. However, exposure for too long, one site said, had the opposite effect. That’s a vaguely terrifying thing to say, so we’ll just sum it up at this: pink can be used in accents and shades that give the room energy and a little fun, too.

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