To celebrate New York Fashion Week, here’s our three favorite things this week in the spirit of haute couture…

1 // 90s Cartoon Characters Take on New York Fashion Week

A collaboration between Swagger New York and Italian designer Michele Moricci led to a veritable 90s fantasy of a very high fashion Lisa Simpson, Daria and Captain Planet. If you want to know what Sailor Moon would look like donning a Rodarte peek-a-boo skirt ensemble or Beavis and Butthead sporting leopard print Jeremy Scott, you have found your paradise. We think this collaboration alone will be one of NYFW’s highlights…

2 // The Sartorialist on AOL TV

The Sartorialist, one of the defining street style blogs capturing style in big cities around the world, is now being revealed in a behind-the-scenes fashion on AOL On TV. You can watch Scott Schuman and his camera at work as the process, history and inspiration behind street style in New York, Milan and even with bullfighters in Spain unfolds. Watch the 12 episode series online now!

3 // Vintage Fashion Week Photos

WIth an event as large and multifaceted as Fashion Week, it’s almost easier to process the shows and collections you saw after the fact. Logging on style.com can be overwhelming and the shows begin to blur together. Let’s step back and take a breather for a minute with these vintage photos from some of the first fashion weeks. The event started in 1943 as a way to draw attention away from the French fashion world at the height of WWII when industry insiders couldn’t travel to Paris. These photos give a glimpse of the beginning; one of our favorites is a wearing-sunglasses-indoors Rita Hayworth.

Photo Credits // 1/ Swagger NYC 2/ Aol On TV 3/Guest of a Guest

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