// Our 3 Favorite Things This Week //

1 / Life photo archives - Life Magazine has a long history in the publishing world. The first copy was published in 1883 before being reinvented as a predominantly photojournalism-focused magazine in the late 1930s. If you weren’t feeling distracted enough at work today, pore over the countless albums from the archives. A different album is featured each day, so you might see something like “Remembering the Little Rock Nine” (today’s) or “Factory Fashionistas: Stylish Threads for Blue Collar Workers

2 / Pitchouguina - Gold and pale pink is an enchanting color combination, particularly when a grey or black is thrown in for dark, luxurious good measure. Designer Anna Pitchouguina is a London-based designer of Russian descent who creates pieces of clothing that are as architectural and defined as they are feminine. The description of her collection on her website is perfect: "It draws inspiration from everyday moments, everyday people, random words, awkward smiles and all the little things that can so easily go unnoticed. We aim to create wearable garments that will make memories and play a subtle but important part in our daily lives." 

3 / Losing It with John Stamos - This may be verging on old news by now, but we highly recommend the hilarious and warm Yahoo series “Losing it with John Stamos.” TV’s favorite hot musician uncle hosts the show that explores the awkwardness, loveliness and “oh god that happened” moments of the much-lored first time. Aside from the great stories celebrities tell (ranging from Alan Cumming to the babe-licious Olivia Munn), runner up for most entertaining might be John Stamos’ facial expressions alone.

Credit: 1/ LIFE 2/ Pitchouguina 3/ Fashion Plus Lifestyle

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