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New Works // 3 (female) artists we discovered this week

As a kid, who didn’t want to have a museum all to yourself a la The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. It seemed equal parts terrifying and thrilling to be by yourself among works of art and ancient history. Lately this writer has been craving the invigorating solitude of a museum or gallery. Until that opportunity arises, I’m pretty satisfied with discovering some new artists via great blogs like The Jealous Curator and Beautiful/Decay. Here are three new female artists I’d love to see in a gallery…

1// Adeline Meilliez - I’m a sucker for the femininity and quiet sensuality of pretty underthings. When I saw the work of Berlin-based French artist Adeline (beautiful name!) Meilliez, I was sold. On Meilliez’s page she describes her screen prints as “making visible the emotional content of people through clothing.” The brief, lovely poetry of Jacques Prevert’s Alicante was on her mind as she produced the series. Visit here for more info.

2// Paola Pivi - Pivi’s feathered polar bears are the sort of fantastic, surrealist art that makes you think while bringing a smile to your face. You want to be intimidated by their size and ferocity but they’re whimsical and silly at the same time. Pivi’s collection is currently on display at Gallerie Perretin in New York.

3// Lauren Semivan - Lines, fragments and ghosts from the past are all essential elements of Semivan’s compositions. Shot with a classic early 20th century 8 by 10” camera, Semivan’s photos encourage us to look at modern day arrangements through a lens that makes it seem like a haunting past blew into the image. The photos look almost scientific, as if we are the archaeologists looking at past remains.

Photo Credits: 1 // Jealous Curator 2// Beautiful Decay 3 // Lauren Semivan

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