Is the fact that it’s Friday not distracting you enough? These links will…


Credit: xoVain

National Honey Month via xoVain // We didn’t realize until September was almost over that it’s National Honey Month, but it’s not too late to celebrate. Honey’s definitely on the list for top five crucial beauty product ingredients. xoVain writer Hannah highlights some of the best honey-based products.


Credit: Anthology

Tiny House Swoon via Anthology // After the McMansion mid-2000s rush, we learned that, as the cliche goes, bigger isn’t necessarily better. The best architects and designers are the ones who do amazing things with what they’ve got. These tiny houses are equal parts warm and streamlined to create a sense of spaciousness.


Credit: Into the Gloss

LeeAnet Noble, Dancer via Into the Gloss // Designer Rick Owens sent a troupe of step dancers down the runway in his Spring 2014 collection at this month’s New York Fashion Week. God bless ‘em but this is way cooler than the same willowy, stony-faced models.

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