FASHION // HIS: Shoes for the Gentleman

We’re going to make a bold declaration and say that shoes (arguably) just might be the most important part of an outfit. Everything else about a look can be killer, but it’s hard to feel complete if you have a stellar dress up top and flimsy, torn summer sandals on the bottom. A great pair of shoes might not be the first thing that gets noticed, yet they absolutely can’t be ignored. They protect your feet from the elements, whether that be the streets or the dance floor, and have to look damn good while doing so.

As an ode to the shoe, we’re doing a miniseries on the best styles for fall. We’ll start with the gentlemen and work our way to the ladies. Let’s see what New York Fashion Week and just plain good style brings us. We’re on a search for shoes that fuse practicality with style and a dash of playfulness.

The Oxford

Oxfords for men and women have been a safe style bet the past few seasons. They’re easy to dress up outfits with, and they’re just really sexy shoes. They can be get-down-to-business brown leather or bright neon.


J.D. Fisk / Virago / $159

We dig this pair from J.D. Fisk - it’s reasonably priced with a smoky purplish-grey tone. These will kill it with a pair of khakis or corduroys (always encouraging people to jump on the corduroy train). For all the young dudes out there, nothing says grownup quite like a pair of these babies.


Arama / “Blue Suede” Oxford / $230

The Boot

If the oxfords are sveltely sexy, boots are their hot, rugged counterpart. We see the boot everywhere, particularly with the popularity of the urban mountain man look (that occasionally can be overdone). The thing is, the boot never tires. Your grandpa wore them, your dad wore them, and now you, young buck, are still looking mighty fine in them as well. Here are a few of our favorites…


J Shoes / “Operator” / $187


Helm Handmade / “Marion” / $395

The Sneaker


River Island / Hi-Top Trainers /  45 euros

And now we’ve come to the sneaker (or “trainer” if you’re feeling british or on Asos!). We think guys have it a little bit better when it comes to athletic footwear. The colors, materials and styles all seem to be more inventive and versatile than the selection women are typically offered. We love these River Island hi-tops featured above; they’re understated with a touch of neon if you request the orange laces with them.


MDesign Workshop / Sneakers / $217


We all have certain items of clothing that hold memories but, somehow, it’s always shoes that have the stories. Next week look out for the ladies edition!

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