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For members of the current generation, it’s hard to remember a time when watches were a functional necessity. They could be pretty and they could be pricey, but they were made for practical purposes above all. Currently watches have moved more to the arm candy side of things but, make no mistake, they are still part of the classy guy or gal’s wardrobe.

This Esquire article even refers to having multiple watches (a “weekend watch,” a “damn good-lookin’ watch” etc) While we’re not that fancy, having one solid, classic watch is kinda… sexy. Weird word choice maybe, but somehow knowing the time analog-style is a very grown up, have your sh*! together look.

The photos above are a few of our favorites we’ve picked out, from the more luxurious Michael Kors number to ultra 80s Casio watches. If you’re not in it for the functionality, we recommend scouring garage sales and antique shops for cool pieces that may not work anymore but will let you borrow style from a time when that watch would get you to the train on time.

1// Michael Kors - Dylan Watch 2 // Kate Spade - Metro Classic Watch 3 // Timex - Easy Reader Watch 4 // Casio - Parra Collaboration 5// S & M Watch - Moon Watch

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