SON OF A SAILOR // EVENTS: The road to POOL & back: from the passenger seat

Last week was a landmark week for Son of a Sailor, as we moved on up and rubbed shoulders with some pretty amazing brands (small and large!) at POOL, our first ever trade show. And it was quite the journey to get there!

First off, at the risk of sounding like an Oscar’s acceptance speech, we certainly could not have done it without all the amazing support from you guys! The warm fuzzies are a-plenty at how many of you donated to our Indiegogo campaign, with kind words to boot. Thank you is not enough!

Now! Onto the show itself! Billy, Jessica and I filled up the good ol’ X-terra with all of our jewelry and display materials, leaving just enough room for a cozy nest in the backseat, and hit the road to Vegas. About 20 hours and one Tucson Super 8 Motel later, we finally arrived in the city of sin, ready to hit up some buffets, get into a food coma, and rest up for the big event.


POOL lasts 3 days, and it certainly blew on by. We were absolutely in shock to learn on the first day that our booth won the prize for best display. Definitely a great way to start off the show, especially our first!


We met a lot of great new emerging designers and saw some familiar faces from Renegade Shows. It was pretty awesome to be in a trade show alongside names like Threadless, and American Apparel. We even snuck over to Project side of the convention center, where big time retailers set up appointments with brands like Levi’s to buy for the next season.

At the end of the three days, we packed it all up again, and headed straight to Zion, which I may or may not have campaigned for, as I was ready for some nature after so many days inside. We took the scenic route home, driving through Monument Valley, Flagstaff and Sedona, and taking in fun little stops along the way. I think that the three of us all know each other a littttlllle bit better now…


All in all, POOL was a giant thumbs up, especially from this gal. I was excited and appreciative that I was able to play a role in a big “first” for our company. Looking forward to more!



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