SON OF A SAILOR // PRESS: Best Booth at POOL Tradeshow!


CAMP Design Group scoured the floors at POOL in search of the most carefully curated, well designed booth.

Congrats to Son of a Sailor for winning! They’ve been awarded a free booth at POOLTRADESHOW in February 2014.

CAMP Design Group filled us in on the specifics on their selection:

  • They paid attention to detail: pink edges ran through the whole booth, even down to a pink string that ran down the booth.

  • It was clean & uncluttered. 

  • Felt like a retail store in the way it was merchandised.

  • The design is current, yet attainable & cost-friendly, using inexpensive materials like wood, metals & leather.

  • It stayed within perimeters, yet thought outside the box.
Congrats, Son of a Sailor!

we are still so thrilled to have been chosen as the best designed booth at POOL! it’s been such an amazing experience—-it’s our first trade show, and we’ve been planning and scheming for months. it’s such a great honor to have been selected, and we can’t thank Camp and POOL enough! xoxo

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