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// Gals in Trousers //

There is little more strong and glamorous than a classic, well-tailored pair of trousers. We put stock in the “dress how you want to feel” adage, and a pair of trousers conveys self-assuredness. Trousers shouldn’t be limited to the realm of work clothes because they’re entirely too much fun to play around with.

Let’s start with our leading lady of trousers Katharine Hepburn. The film execs at RKO Studios tried desperately to get Hepburn to abandon her trousers to create a softer image. According to the book Katharine Hepburn: Rebel Chic, she threatened to walk around the studio lot naked and got as far as her silk underwear before the executives gave in.

Those high-waisted wide legs! The jodphurs! Hepburn’s style is iconic, which comes as no surprise when someone dresses so ahead of her time. We could see the fantastic, take no bullshit Yankee sporting these American Apparel pleated high-waists. Pair these with a pair of oxfords and a bright button-up and everyone will know you mean business.

Fair warning: going down the Pinterest rabbit hole in search for trousers will take up most of your lunch break. There are pairs in all fabrics and cuts, ranging from a classic wool pair to the Topshop beauties sported by stylist Victoria Sekrier (displayed lower right corner).

Photo Credit: 1/ via Pinterest 2/ via Vanessa Larson 3/ via The Street Muse 4/ Never Underdressed

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