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This weekend we had a blast at the Texas Style Council’s Prom event. The return to prom post-high school is always a much less stressful time - no immature boys to worry about (hopefully) and no curfew. We had a booth set up with a handful of other really cool businesses such as Fashion Loves People and popular online retailer LuLu’s. For some added prom fun, we made neon tiaras as souvenirs ‘cuz we’re all prom queens this time around. In a few super easy steps, you can have your own. They’re great for a twist on a girl’s birthday party favor, or if you’re simply in the mood for a tiara.


/ Cheap Tiaras (we used paper tiaras from Party City) /

/ 3 Cans of Spray Paint (2 neon, 1 white. We chose pink and orange for ours.) /

/ A well-ventilated area to spray in /


1 / Set out the tiaras in a garage or outdoor area.

2 / After shaking the white spray paint thoroughly, spray an even coat over the tiaras until each one is fully covered.

3 / Give them a few minutes to start drying, then you’re ready for the first neon color. Don’t completely douse it in that color; spray just enough to leave the white still visible. It will almost resemble a graffiti look.

4 / Wait another few minutes for the first neon to dry, then you’re ready for the next color. Once again, use a light hand while spraying to leave a little white visible.

Boom! You’re done and have a cool party favor in just a few minutes.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey Lawrence)

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