FASHION // Creating a Signature Look

A few weeks ago in the studio, Caitlin and I were talking about the simple beauty of having a uniform, of sorts, as your style guide. Of course we aren’t referring to your elementary school khaki and polo combo, but more of a sartorial formula (fancy words, I know) that’s equal parts beauty and form. It’s a look tailored to your individual style, comprised of pieces that work well together on an everyday basis.


When talking about uniforms and signature looks, it’s hard not to think of Diane Von Furstenburg’s classic wrap dress.  (Photo Credit: Blankstareblink.com)

Having a uniform is basically just your signature look. Playing around with clothes is still essential (what would I do without my thrifted mesh minidress with a tag inside that says DIMEPIECE?). The idea is to have your set of staple pieces that, upon putting any combo of them on, you have a look you immediately feel comfortable in.


This photo, courtesy of The-Street Style , is a sample of pieces I’d want in my uniform collection. The neutral colors mixed with playful lines is a combination I’ve always been attracted to. 

Here’s a list of Tim Gunn’s eponymous Guide to Style wardrobe staples. This is a good start, but it should be personally tweaked to fit your signature look because not every woman wants to rock a fitted blazer. What’s on your guide to style list? If you had a few pieces that people immediately recognized as your look, what would they be?

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