FASHION // Sleepy Jones

There’s something subtly luxurious about sleepwear stylish enough to wear out. It incites a feeling of lounging, of a lazy day well spent. Sleepy Jones understands this simple luxury in their line of classic, quality “sleepwear, underwear and not-quite-ready to wear.”

The team at Sleepy Jones is comprised of kate spade and Jack Spade alumni and long-time collaborators Andy Spade, Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri.  They noticed a trend in the creative types they admired - most of them had a simple working uniform of pajama-like apparel. On their page they cite George Plimpton, who roamed the Paris Review offices in his boxers, and Picasso, who painted in little more than a robe and shorts.

It costs a little more than your average Target sleepwear, but we don’t think there’s anything wrong with investing in one of life’s simple, timeless luxuries. Besides, who knows what kind of masterpieces you might create in them. Also, check out the photo journal on their page to see really great photos of artists and musicians.

Photo Credit // sleepyjones.com

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