SON OF A SAILOR: Indiegogo // SOS Maker Spotlight: Solstice Prints by Kirsten

As we continue to campaign to grow Son of a Sailor and attend our first trade show, we wanted you to get know the faces behind our limited edition rewards! Next up is our production assistant, Kirsten! 


Kirsten is a recent graduate of the design program at University of Texas (congrats Kirsten!) and we are pretty thrilled to have her and her mad design skills at Son of a Sailor. Not only can this gal draw heart-melting cute animals, but she is one of the happiest, bubbliest (but not the annoying kind) people we’ve ever known. We chatted with Kirsten about her illustrations and her work at Son of a Sailor. (P.S. All the exclamation points are authentic and hers.)


What/when/where/how did you end up working at Son of a Sailor?

I actually happened to meet Jessica and Billy at East Austin Studio Tour in 2011 if I’m not mistaken—I was selling tiny planters with a non-profit and happened upon their booth on a break and immediately fell head over heels in love! I proceeded to stalk them in any way I could (mainly following their blog) and when they made a post about needing a studio assistant during the summer of 2012 I jumped on it!

What was the inspiration behind your lovely illustrations for our Indiegogo campaign reward?

I decided to illustrate as opposed to making jewelry because ultimately I would like to pursue a career that enables me to use my artistic skills. I’ve always fancied gauche and am most fond of personifying animals so drawing a series of three cards loosely inspired by personalities around the studio was a most exciting endeavor!


What’s one of your favorite memories from being at Son of a Sailor so far?

It’s honestly hard to pick. But I would have to say I treasure the deep life conversations we often have whilst making. Pep talks at Son of a Sailor are invigorating, I recommend joining in on a session!

Annnddd because we love food at SOS, what’s your taco du jour? 

Anything from Taco Joint will basically solve any and all life problems for at least 24 hours…when it wears off I just get more. Also, tamale house.

Want your own set of gorgeous prints by Kirsten AND help us attend our first trade show in the process? Head over to our Indiegogo campaign and make a contribution! 

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