SON OF A SAILOR: Indiegogo // SOS Maker Spotlight: Luna Set by Caitlin

As we continue to campaign to grow Son of a Sailor and attend our first trade show, we wanted you to get to know the faces behind our limited edition rewards. Next in our series is our amazing production manager, Caitlin. If there’s anyone who can keep a studio running, it’s this gal. 


Caitlin is the wise, cool older sister you wished for growing up. She’s the perfect combination of work and play, always quick to laugh or dish out the girl talk as she’s firing out orders and keeping the studio functioning smoothly. Hailing from College Station, Caitlin is a graduate of Southwestern University. She comes to us from a corporate background in product development. Her business experience combines beautifully with her intuitive knack for design and aesthetic. We chatted with Caitlin about her designs and work at Son of a Sailor.


What/when/where/how did you end up working at Son of a Sailor?

Last summer, I lost my job, and immediately knew that I wanted to take the opportunity to pursue a more hands-on creative career. I had seen Son of a Sailor’s jewelry around town and started stalking them on social media, so when they posted that they were looking for assistants, I pounced. My interview lasted close to 2 hours, mostly because we just kept chatting away.

What was the inspiration behind your necklace & bracelet for our Indiegogo campaign reward?

I’ve always been a DIY-er or whatever you want to call it, but I never really made jewelry. After making so much of the Polaris collection, the idea for my own take on it slowly formed. Like Billy & Jessica, I love color, contrast, and detail, though I think I gravitate towards more muted tones.

Being a person who loves textiles, I wanted to incorporate that element into my pieces, which led me to the woven bangle idea.


What’s one of your favorite memories from being at Son of a Sailor so far?

It’s so hard to pick one (I KNOW I KNOW), but there was this one Friday right around Valentine’s Day that sticks out in my brain. Billy made chocolate covered strawberries for everyone (the man loves his sweets), Kirsten & I got super girly with our washing tape for the orders, we blasted Robyn in the studio all day while trying to replicate the dance moves, and just made a lot of jewelry. When I went home later, all I could think was “I got paid for that day.” It was one of those life affirming moments that keeps me feeling really dang lucky to have found these guys.

Annnddd because we love food at SOS, what’s your taco du jour? 

Our neighbors down the hall from our studio (hey BILLY!) have me on a pretty big tamale kick lately, but give me an al pastor or bacon egg & cheese taco and ooooboyyy I am one happy girl.

Want your own necklace & bracelet set designed by Caitlin AND help us attend our first trade show in the process? Head over to our Indiegogo campaign and make a contribution! 

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