SON OF A SAILOR: Indiegogo // SOS Maker Spotlight: Andromeda Bracelets by Kelsey

As we continue to campaign to grow Son of a Sailor and attend our first trade show, we wanted you to get know the faces behind our limited edition rewards! First up is our newest official member, our marketing and production assistant Kesley.

Kelsey exudes so much California-cool, you’d never guess that she only just visited this past year or that she hails from the other Valley (Texas’s own Rio Grande Valley, which is cool in it’s own right!). With a degree in marketing from University of Texas and a knack for writing, Kelsey’s been bringing her keen eye for current styles and chill vibe to you daily right here on the blog. We sat down with Kelsey to find out a little bit more about her and the inspiration for her Andromeda Bracelets.


What/when/where/how did you end up working at Son of a Sailor?

I remember first seeing Son of a Sailor’s line at a local boutique and loving the geometric form and simple design. It was jewelry I hadn’t seen before and it stuck with me because it so closely resembled by own design interests. I “liked” Son of a Sailor on Facebook that afternoon and months later saw the job post for another production assistant. After I interviewed with Billy and Jessica, I felt intuitively that it was the right spot for me.

What was the inspiration behind your 3 (super rad) bracelets for our Indiegogo campaign reward?

Aesthetically, most of my design inspiration came from two things: neon colors and a song recently released called “When a Fire Starts to Burn” by Disclosure, a British electronic music duo. I knew I wanted to work with strong, vibrant colors and materials that made a statement. My style motto is dress (or accessorize!) for how you want to feel and you’ll notice the difference. These past few months have been a period of growth for me and I’ve learned more about myself and the paths I want to pursue. I couldn’t have done that without a work environment like the one Jessica and Billy provide. I wanted my bracelets to be strong statements.

What’s one of your favorite memories from being at Son of a Sailor so far?

Oh man, I’ve only worked here since February and already there are a lot! We have a lot of great girl talk in the studio but one conversation stands out particularly. Kirsten (fellow production assistant) had asked Jessica a few questions about jobs she had before Son of a Sailor and we all ended up discussing life stuff, careers, love, etc. It might sound cheesy but that conversation will stick with me for a long while.

Annnddd because we love food at SOS, what’s your taco du jour? 

I will never turn down a solid chicken taco but I usually go for an Al Pastor. Also shout out to the cochinita pibil tacos at El Chilito!

Want your own set of rad bracelets designed by Kelsey AND help us attend our first trade show in the process? Head over to our Indiegogo campaign and make a contribution! 

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