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Los Angeles isn’t a city exactly known for its coffee scene - cities like Portland and Austin tend to be more talked about. Intelligentsia Coffee, however, is the crown jewel of the city when it comes to coffee and one of the best in the country. Originally from Chicago, Intelligentsia seems to belong just as much to the West Coast as to the East.

They make a truly delectable cup of coffee. Today I sampled the Yirgacheffe Ethiopian blend, a light, crisp blend that, according to the description “layered lemon blossom and juicy pomegranate balanced by the sweetness of clover honey.” Typically, when asked what something tastes like, I say “very good” but my unrefined palate could actually taste the subtleties.

If you stop in the original California location on Sunset Boulevard, you’ll see all the beautiful Silver Lake folks out on the Spanish tiled patio. The baristas are friendly and, as my friend and I agreed on a recent visit, total barista babes. Pro tip: keep your eyes oh-so-casually peeled for celebrities. We may or may not have said hey to a star from the OC (who died in the last season as Imogen Heap played cough cough)…

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