SON OF A SAILOR // PRESS: Lonny Magazine & Son of a Sailor Supply

when I was writing for Apartment Therapy back in my former life, I devoured life and style blogs like it was my job. cuz it sort of was… Lonny was (and still is) at the top of my list for decor magazines. the online publication consistently showcases the best in style and trend across all platforms: home, fashion, life—-it is just gorgeous.


so when guest blogger, Jess Chamberlain, decided to showcase our Son of a Sailor Supply goods under the category of “Shop it now” goods made in the USA, you can imagine how excited i was! seriously? over the moon.


her sweet synopsis of our hand-painted wares and shout out to the jewelry line, as well, is such an affirming nod to our efforts! it’s really something else seeing things that you’ve created in a publication that you’ve admired for so long.


go check out the snippet about our line, but stay for a truly inspiring home and style magazine. seriously, Lake Bell’s home is featured this month, and it’s gorgeous!

and a huge thanks, once again, to Jess for featuring us!


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