SON OF A SAILOR // EVENTS: Brooklyn Renegade, Pt. 1

A year ago, before I worked here, I sat down to go through my blogs, came across Son of a Sailor’s post about the last Renegade Brooklyn and thought “Oh dang! I wanna do that!” So when Billy & Jessica said that I could tag along to Brooklyn for my first travelling Renegade show, I immediately said yes, please, now.


I’ve spent some time in NYC, but going for work was another experience. My favorite things this time? The amazing people, the food, and exploring on my own. 

I know I’m new to the craft show game—and maybe this will wear off—but I love doing shows for the people. Meeting people who already know your brand is incredibly flattering, and just getting to talk to the customers who use your goods is a surreal feeling. You guys rock.

And the vendors! So many wonderful, inspiring people who are making their way doing something that they love. I could gush about everyone, so I’ll just stick to what I bought, starting with a super awesome moon tank from the amazing Portland folks of Make it Good. I’ve followed Vaalbara Designs since discovering them at Austin Renegade this past Christmas and was excited to meet Emily, as well as finally snag a bag of my own. I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely couple behind Small Batch Productions (design crush! swoon.) while picking up a few gorgeous tea towels for family gifts. And when I saw these super rad patches from Mokuyobi Threads, I couldn’t resist picking up a few for the SOS team…


The Renegade Brooklyn show just happened to be right next to this new-to-me thing called Smorgasburg, an all day market of food tents. If there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I loveeee food. A lot. Like talk about it for hours love. So being next to a market full of delicious enticing food was prettty much heaven. I bounced between the gooey deliciousness of Dough, the spicy tangy elotes from I can’t remember where (too many places!), and my personal fav…the perfectly chilled and artfully assembled ramen from Yuji Ramen.

I actually ended up staying an extra day, so I could get a little time to do some NYC-ish things. Tuesday morning I hopped on the subway, grabbed a cappuccino, and headed straight to The High Line. This raised garden is a lovely oasis in the middle of the city, a perfect way to stroll through some nature, art and urban architecture.



All in all, Renegade Brooklyn was a great first travelling show experience and I will no doubt be pestering the bosses to go to more!



all photos by me and can be found on instagram.

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