CURATE // ART & DESIGN: Beth Hoeckel


Beth Hoeckel's eerie, dreamy cut-and-paste collages first caught our attention over at Rookie. We didn’t realize who the artist behind the work was until a feature on local blogger Jennifer Rose Smith’s blog. Her collages resemble a bizarre yet serene dream that, upon waking up, you sort of wish you could return to.


In an interview with The Lab, Hoeckel cited traveling as one of her main inspirations. She spoke about backpacking around Europe in high school, doing multiple study abroad programs, and the feeling of wanderlust unique to young adulthood. She described her work as losing touch with reality in a good way.


The essence and effect of Hoeckel’s work was described perfectly in the interview’s intro: the impossible becomes a reality so convincing, it makes a viewer bitterly regret the laws of gravity.

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