FASHION // HERS: Nadia Tarr

As we were scouting around on Miss Moss (our big time blog crush here at the S.O.S. studios), we discovered Nadia Tarr’s collection of simultaneously flowy and architecturally sound pieces.

Ms. Tarr is a former dancer and choreographer and, upon looking at her collection, her background makes total sense. The dresses are graceful with simple, elegant lines. She’s also not afraid to play around with form and structure, like with this killer wrap bodysuit.

Tarr’s balletic designs leave us with dancing on the brain. Check out this cool video with Peter Martins, the choreographer who’s held the Ballet Master in Chief position at the New York City Ballet for thirty years. It tells the story of his career inspired by George Balanchine and features snippets of beautiful performances throughout the years.

Photo Credits: Nadia Tarr

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