1 // Scout and Catalogue - We’re salivating over this collection of hand-tooled, hand-dyed leather items from Scout and Catalogue. Inspired by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico (few words delight us more than bohemian beach culture), the collection is certainly beachy while being classic and simple. Photo credit: Viaje Clutch

2 // National Geographic Found - This Tumblr account curates 125 years worth of photographic material. Except to get sidetracked a long time as you go down the rabbit hole. These photos are almost surreal in their documentation of bygone times. They’re captured in that anthropological yet intimate way that the magazine is famous for.

3 // The Naked Guide to Packing - Featured on Shop Ghost, this guide won’t actually leave you naked but it will help you pare down your summer road trip list. Their columnist cuts it down to the bare essentials because, c’mon, ya know you probably won’t be wearing that random thrift store find with the fur.

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