FASHION// HERS: Sundresses and Saucy Minxes

"You saucy little minx, you sundressed up" - Barney from "How I Met Your Mother"

We’re not avid How I Met Your Mother viewers but that quote from the show’s lovable carouser/player made us LOL hard. Nothing advertises the sensual, breezy nature of summer better than a well-worn sundress. At a recent launch party for Citygram, an Austin-based publication, the sundresses were out in full force of all hues and patterns.

We’re lusting after this beautiful seersucker dress from American Apparel. A-line shapes like this dress flatter most body types, making it an instant classic.



Check out our other two favorites of the moment after the jump!


(Talula for Aritzia // “Lipinski" )

Aritzia, a boutique-style store with a little more than a few locations around the country, always carries brands shoppers are unlikely to see elsewhere. Talula is one of these. Their “Lipinski” dress (named after famous nineties Olympic skater Tara Lipinski) is a flirty, skater-inspired dress. With the sweetheart neckline and the flouncy skirt, you will indeed be minx-ing it up.


(Good Grace on Etsy // “Vintage Sun Dress”)

Sundresses are a great item to play around with vintagewear - the typically simple silhouettes make it easier to find flattering fits in vintage clothes. This multi-textured apricot dress from Etsy shop Good Grace is bee-you-ti-ful.

In sundresses like these, we’re all ready to be saucy little minxes.

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