CURATE // ART & DESIGN: Daily Dishonesty


Will you be there in 5 minutes? (When you mean more like 15 or 20) Do you floss everyday? (Yep, we don’t either). Graphic designer Lauren Hom knows the little lies we tell ourselves and turns them into beautiful hand-lettered posters. Once she creates them, they’re published on her blog Daily Dishonesty.


Raised in Southern California, Hom moved to New York City to pursue a degree in advertising and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. There, she also learned the art of silkscreening, book binding and stamp carving, according to her bio.

Her blog won a Webby Award back in May for Best Personal Website, and, after perusing her site, we can totally see why. It’s a lovely combination of little white lies we can totally relate to, funny banter, and cool tutorials that give insight into the design process.


Lauren has a lot of rad projects going on, both commercial and personal. Visit her site to explore. Another one of our favorites are the Broken Hearts greeting cards. Aside from her Webby Award, we bestow upon Lauren the girl-who-could-be-your-best-friend award.

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