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It’s summertime, beach babes (and dudes). These next few Wednesday posts will be dedicated to navigating the trends of summer 2013, from the neutral, calm waters to the scary territory of graphic prints (and there are some frightening ones out there). Here are the first three on our list…

1) Chambray


(Photo Credit: Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt from Madewell.com)

We’ve been seeing this trend creep into wardrobes since spring began. It seems each summer has its summer shirt staple, something basic that can be thrown on all summer long and worn in a multitude of ways. This season chambray  (like denim but not quite)  is coming to our rescue all summer long — particularly when you’re on vacation and it’s one of two shirts you brought (something this writer may have done recently). It’ll work just as well on the beach as it will tucked into a skirt for dinner later on.


(Photo Credit: Style Snooper Dan)

2) Tropicalia


Harmony Korine’s much-hyped and much-discussed film Spring Breakers has brought neon and tropical prints into the Tumblrs and Polyvore boards of many young women this summer (let’s hope it didn’t bring robbing banks for Spring Break cash into style as well). Selena Gomez, one of the former Disney stars in the movie, went to the premiere wearing the tropical bralet above.


(Photo credit: Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply line)

It’s pretty cute, we have to admit. Tropical prints first came into style in the United States post-World War II as soldiers came back with stories from the tropical destinations some of them had been stationed at. It’s since been associated with retro nostalgia but this Spring tropical prints were reinvented, with roots in Tropicalia and Tiki kitsch.

3) Mirrored sunglasses


(Photo credit: Wildfox Sun // Refinery 29)

Keeping in line with tropical kitsch, we have reflective sunglasses back in our lives. The best thing about these gems coming back into style is that it’s gas station couture (in other words you can pick up a pair anywhere for a pretty good price).

You can have fun with it and go full 1980s b-list beach movie with the sunglasses above…

Or you can downplay the look like this Paris Fashion Week attendee.


(Photo Credit: Style Snooper Dan )

So far, we’re pretty willing to try the aforementioned styles out on for size. Stay tuned next Wednesday for our next three!

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