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Hello babes! Coming off an exciting weekend at Renegade Craft Fair here in Austin, the Son of a Sailor crew is resting up for the rest of the summer’s shows and events. For part two of summertime trends let’s start off with an easy, modern look - a look that will seem at home in whichever city you may find yourself in this summer.

1) Black and White


(Photo credit: L’Agence)

It isn’t the corals, seafoams or neons we’re used to seeing on summer’s clothing palette, but there is something very cool (literally/figuratively) about this combination. This is a look you actually can wear year round and it won’t look out of place.

Designers brought this look back in a major way last season, which was kind of a relief after all of the color block madness. Despite this being in style this summer, it’s probably nothing you have to run out and buy. Any piece that comes in black or white is usually a good wardrobe staple to have, whether that’s a pair of black cotton shorts, a black dress of any length or a white collared shirt.


(Photo Credit: Vena Cava Spring 2013 at TENOVERSIX)

2) Bustier/ crop top


(Photo Credit: Bleach Online)

SJP’s a total baller in this 1991 photo sporting a gold crop top and genie pants. Should this look be worn regularly by everyone? Absolutely not, but it provides some campy inspiration for this trend that has been creeping back into style.

Crop tops are fickle things. They’re not a flattering look for a lot of people but if you’re looking to have some tacky fun with your wardrobe, this should be your jam. Christopher Muther, Boston Globe’s style reporter, expressed horror over seeing the trend on the runways, lamenting nineties pop star midriffs and his own bad experience with a crop top emblazoned with Daytona Beach. This is totally understandable yet…they’re sorta fun. If you don’t want to rock the full-on stomach-baring look, giving a hint of works even better.


(Photo Credit: Sweet World of Fashion)

3) Holographic


(Photo Credit: Thrifted and Modern)

This timing of this trend coincides perfectly with the release of the futuristic disco Daft Punk album. Holographic items will work well on the dance floor with one of the soundtracks of summer 2013. The trick to this trend is to do it in small doses - a holographic oxford shoe here, a holographic clutch there.

Designers followed this aesthetic by using key splashes of it in their spring shows. Proenza Schouler used it in bags and Hussein Chalayan used it in leggings. This is a trend for pure nighttime fun this summer, and we can all only hope our summer’s filled with that!


(Photo Credit: Today I’m Wearing)

And I can’t leave out one of our favorites, Golden Ponies. A certain someone wore some mint green shoes from GP, and loved them! Erandi, the designer behind this awesome label, also makes some pretty rad holographic shoes and accessories. Case in point, this wallet:


Next Wednesday look for part 3 of summertime trends. A Pinterest board is in the works  as we scour the net for some great (and cheap!) finds for summer fashion. In the meantime, let us know some of your favorite summer wardrobe staples.

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