SON OF A SAILOR // EVENTS: Canopy Open Studio Tour

(photo by Chris Perez)

Hey guys!

As many of you already know, we moved this past February to our studio at Canopy, a new creative complex off of Springdale Road in East Austin. Billy and Jessica have done an ah-mazing job fixing up the studio and making it not only a comfortable, efficient workspace but a fun place to hang out.

This weekend is our chance to show off our new space to the public and, most importantly, our stately portraits of David Bowie and Bill Murray on our studio walls. This Saturday May 11 from 10 am - 5pm and Sunday May 12 from 11 am - 5 pm studios throughout Canopy will be open to the general public as a “first look” studio tour.


(photo by Chris Perez)

We have a bunch of awesome neighbors working in a variety of creative mediums - painters, architects, sculptors, designers, photographers, etc. The space, which used to be the old Blue Hangar Goodwill, has the potential to be a creative force for not just Austin but art in Texas—-and this is your chance to be see it from the beginning.


Our friend Claire Montgomery, a local ceramicist, will be showing her work in our studio, as well. This mini-show of some of our favorite of her beautiful pieces coincides with Art of the Pot, an annual studio tour featuring local potters.


Festivities surrounding Art of the Pot will be happening alongside the open studio event, as Keith Kreeger, an amazing potter himself, hosts events from his Canopy studio space.


We hope to see your lovely faces there. Stop by and say hi to William + Jessica, and myself and my fellow Studio Assistants throughout the weekend. (libations will be provided!)



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