TOURS // SHOP VISIT: A Visit to Carol Young Undesigned - Los Angeles

You don’t get much cooler than Los Feliz. One of many, many little enclaves in Los Angeles, this neighborhood contains the Griffith Observatory (where you can find beautiful Hollywood Sign views along the trails), an amazing architectural history (including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock house) and enough boutiques, cafes and watering holes tucked on the palm tree-lined streets to keep this ardent people watcher very happy.

Carol Young Undesigned is firmly entrenched in the Los Feliz culture, going on seven years in its location on one of Los Feliz’s most well-known streets, Hillhurst Avenue. I was excited to visit this Son of a Sailor stockist during my trip to Los Angeles because there is something particularly inspiring about seeing the connection between what you’re creating in the studio and the people who are selling handmade goods, yours and other artisans, to the communities they thrive in.

Carol and her assistant Claudia are both warm and laidback, exuding that Southern California spirit. Within a few minutes of walking in, Claudia was already chatting with my friend Aaron, who had accompanied me, about his apartment search and giving him tips on the best neighborhoods and how to find a good deal.

The walls of the shop are painted a rich, toasty yellow and the interior is filled with elements of nature - light, wood, rocks, glass. I did a little research on Carol’s shop and found a featurette in an old WWD article. I learned Carol was an architecture student who studied in Asia and New York, along with a stint in India. After a fellowship at Cornell to look at functional needs in apparel, she launched Undesigned, a line based on alternative and recycled materials.

All of this makes sense. Upon walking in the shop, one gets the sense that the boutique is designed by someone who understands design elements. The shop has a definite “modern urban nomad” feel with clothing and accessories that employ architectural lines and materials. Carol has done a wonderful job of creating a space that feels contemporary yet warm, vibrant and natural.

If you find yourself wandering around Los Feliz, stop in and say hello. It’s a spot that perfectly encapsulates the feel and spirit of Southern California relaxed modernity.

To all my fellow “modern urban nomads”,


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