SON OF A SAILOR // A Girl Walks Into a Taylor Swift Show

Who has two thumbs and went to a Taylor Swift show a few days ago?

The tween girl standing next to me, obviously.

Okay, no, cringe, it was me (just in case you couldn’t guess). I was initially NOT going to tell this to many people but Jessica caught me in the act when I quickly blurted it out after being asked out for drinks that evening. I went on Tuesday to her Red Tour show at the Erwin Center with my wonderful, pop music loving boyfriend who got me the tickets (he was covering it for a local publication <— see we have a good excuse)


(Photo Credit: Austin backpage.com)

But you know what? It was a whole lot of fun. Girl knows how to put on a show!

She walked out assuredly on stage, in full pop music diva mode, and stared out at her adoring fans. She was basking in it, looking out with a half smile, taking a glance to the left and to the right. Taylor Swift, as my boyfriend said, was meant to do this.

The show was inspired by a mix of genres - burlesque meets old Hollywood meets steampunk meets circus. Oh, and there was heart confetti blasted out of pressurizers. The number I most genuinely enjoyed was when Taylor sat down at her piano for the emotionally turbulent number “All Too Well.” The girl knows a little about heartbreak, something we can all relate to, and this song’s lyrics reflected it particularly well.

Here are the other highlights:

1) Luke standing in line with about a hundred screaming little girls to receive a Taylor Swift shirt.


(Photo Credit: Kelsey Lawrence)

2) T. Swift saying “12,000 of you opted in to hear songs about my feelings”

3) The fangirl who was at least in her thirties (basically past prime Taylor Swift fangirl age) wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Taylor Swift or Die.” At one point Swift was lifted across the stage to the other side of the auditorium and this girl FREAKED OUT. Like, crying, screaming freaking out. The little girls surrounding her seemed concerned at multiple points.

4) The last number “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” - The cavalcade of circus performers and screaming the lyrics along with my bf were both major highlights. This is also when the confetti was shot out, making me fangirl (just a ‘lil bit).


(Photo Credit: austin360.com)


(Photo Credit: Kelsey Lawrence)

T. Swift… you just might have a new fan in this girl but STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN. (kiddin’ Taylor, just kiddin’)


Kelsey Swift

PS. Here’s a review my boyfriend wrote.