SON OF A SAILOR // AROUND THE STUDIO: she's all grows up!

last weekend Billy & I attended Structure & Sign, the 2013 Senior Design Exhibition for the UT College of Fine arts. Kirsten Schroder, one of our incredible Production Assistants, exhibited her work, which included a series of illustrated books that she created.

We are so proud of Kirsten, and I just had to share her gorgeous work! Come take a look…

The whole event was filled with beautiful and intriguing pieces that explore “the blending of spaces—three-dimensional, two-dimensional, time-based, and otherwise—and how design, in communication with these spaces, becomes greater than the sum of its parts.”

Kirsten’s work spoke to me about childlike whimsy and inquisitive adventure, and was also simply beautiful to look at!

It was great to see Kirsten’s personality shine through her books, and her sheer talent for creating colorful and playful worlds really shine. I’m hoping she makes these books available to buy—-I’d love to have a set.

Billy and I are so proud of her as she looks towards graduation and entering into the next major phase of her life. She has been such a key part of Son of a Sailor’s growth and success, and we’re counting the days to when we can get her in the studio even more than she is now.

Being in a formal gallery again was exhilarating, too, as it’s been a while since my former life in museum and gallery settings. There’s something magical about the deliberate presentation of one’s creations that makes the whole thing more magical.

So, we want to wish a hearty “Congratulations!” to Kirsten in all of her accomplishments. We look forward to finding new and exciting ways to incorporate her playful creativity into what we do at Son of a Sailor, and have her continue to grow with us.

Great job, lady! You’re the business.

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