SON OF A SAILOR // EVENTS: Etsy Pop Up @ West Elm

Last Saturday was a lovely day to be out and about in our fair city. The sun was shining and the Etsy Pop-Up Shop at West Elm felt like springtime. Walking in, I was met with bright paper flowers, all the pretty people in their spring finery, and the sounds of JT’s “Suit and Tie”.


Curated by local blogger Camille Styles, the pop-up shop featured twelve Austin-area Etsy sellers whose booths were well-integrated into the vibrant, airy atmosphere of the shop. Some of our friends were there including Christine from Fail Jewelry and Joanna from Oh Lazlo!.

The deeee-licious treats (looking at you Lala’s lavender lemonade and Tiny Pies mini pecan pies), the tunes and the photo booth capped off a delightful Saturday play date. Everything was so fun and fresh that even my boyfriend, who declared he knows he’s not single when he’s at an Etsy pop-up on a Saturday afternoon, was reluctant to leave.




(Final photo: Contradiction of Sorts)

It was definitely a good Saturday full of inspiring work by local Austin makers. Wish I could have brought something home from each one!


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