SON OF A SAILOR // PARTNERS: Madesmith Story

when Sumeera originally contacted me about a new website she was creating that focused on makers and their stories, i was intrigued. with only a bit of description of her goals and vision, i knew we wanted to participate. today, our feature on Madesmith, one of the loveliest sites we’ve seen in quite some time, is live!


in what was the longest interview we’ve ever had, Billy and i spent two hours on skype with Sumeera. she is lovely, and we can’t wait to meet her in person when we venture to New York in June. and the collaboration we’ve created, on four exclusive Madesmith pieces, brought forth new colors and palettes for our jewelry.

but the best part, the part that has filled me with joy and extracted tears of pride, love, and humble flattery, is the story that they captured about the beginning of Son of a Sailor. go take a look—it means so much to us, and we believe it truly captures the spirit of what we’re doing.

and you can pick up the exclusive designs of some of our favorite jewelry, while you’re at it!



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