CURATE // ART & DESIGN: Fab Magazine

so, we got this lovely little gem in the mail yesterday, and i had to share! the cover alone feeds my love of both neon pink (undying) and good type. i thought it was just going to be an advertisement, but lo and behold! it is a new publication by Fab, that profiles their designers! and it’s awesome!

check it out…

instantly i appreciated the clean layout, type, and fantastic images. the publication, of which this is volume one, will profile ten partners of Fab each issue.

i am not sure how often they plan on publishing a volume, but i sort of hope it’s monthly! i know that they have multitudes of cool makers and designers to choose from, so content is readily available. ahem—-yeah, uh, i guess we’d be interested, Fab! :)

all i know is that the design is great, it profiles some really interesting and relevant makers, and i love me some print! keep ‘em coming, Fab! me likey!

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