hey y’all! i want to share a project that is happening right now that i think is important for the austin creative environment. take a second to check out Citygram, a new publication that i am super excited about and think is important to support!

their kickstarter project is going on RIGHT NOW and is worth your consideration! let’s make this happen!

there are so many creative forces behind this online publication, and i am convinced it is going to be a fresh and innovative voice for the Austin cultural scene. seriously, look who’s involved…


Chris Perez as a writer for Apartment Therapy, he decided he needed to learn how to take better photographs. what he did is become kind of a badass… he has photographed a friend’s wedding and, recently, our studio for Madesmith (which you can see next week!) and he is apparently a natural. a self-taught natural. with his own interests catalogued on his own website, MetropoChris, it’s clear that he has his finger on the pulse of modern day living in all of it’s facets. what better person than Chris to start a pretty epic digital guide to one of the fairest cities in the nation?

follow Chris:
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metropochris blog
Apartment TherapyCitygram Kickstarter

Callie Helen we just had another opportunity to chat with Callie and ogle her beautiful jewelry, textiles and paintings at the Etsy/West Elm event last weekend. not only is she a lovely person, but her work is absolutely stunning. we’ll be excited to see what she contributes to Citygram about art & culture.

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Tolly Mosely she’s an Austin woman-about-town blogging about all things interesting and eventful in town. her blog is a go-to for beautiful photos and inspiring writing. she is the perfect culture & lifestyle columnist for Citygram!

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Austin Eavesdropper

Lauren Modery of Hipstercriteimage image image

Joanna Wilkinson of Keep Austin Stylish
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Jess Simpson of Forgiving Martha
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Amy Lynch of One Smart Pop Tartimage image

Chris McCray of McCray & Co.image image

Sarah Stacey of Sarah Stacey Design
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Dr. Allejandra Carrasco of Nourish Medicine
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Aimee Wenske of Aimee Wenske Photography
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There’s so many amazing folks collaborating on this project, just go take a look. The best around town in fashion, food, design, lifestyle, and everything that makes Austin such a great place to live. Don’t you want to see more about the best that this city has to offer?


I got to test drive the publication on Chris’ iPad last time he was in the studio. It is so much fun! With innovative navigation making browsing the content-rich issue fun and interactive, I was stunned at how much I wanted to read each of the in-depth and we’ll illustrated articles. I can’t wait to get my hands on the first issue.

I’ve already contributed. If I can, I’ll contribute more! I really want to see this thing get funded so that it gets the proper momentum. I know that with the right tools, Citygram will be an indispensable source for Austin information.

Come on, y’all, give ‘em some money!

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