i’m going to let you in on a little secret. it’s south by southwest here in austin. i wanted you guys to know, because it’s kind of hush hush.

just kidding. it’s totally inescapable. in fact, with all of the corporate sponsorship, fast food brand showcases, and tweets about the long lines and general overwhelming craziness, i’ve been loving staying in this week. yeah, i power-streamed a few episodes of Girls last night…and in no way did feel like i was missing out.

but, it’s time! we’re going to venture out into the madness. we’re headed to the Flatstock print convention, and then we’ll attempt to see some music. i’ll let you know how that goes…

i’ve been inspired to put together a new finds post about my go-to sxsw outfit—keep in mind this outfit is not for those type of sxsw-ers who are trying to showcase their cuttingest-edge super cool style, like many folks out there. that’s really not my speed. instead, this is a classic, comfy, on-trend staple kind of outfit. no neon here.

  1. this double pocket blouse from ASOS is right up my alley these days. breezy, comfortable, and stylish, it’s perfect for running around town. $47.47

  2. today i decidedto pile on our beaded necklaces, with reckless abandon. i’m actually loving the cluster of brightly colorblocked beaded action that’s going on with it! $46-50 each

  3. Golden Ponies, from whom i’ve purchased a number of pair of handmade leather shoes (including my wedding shoes), now has this customizable Holly leather belt, and i’m sold. love her work, need more of it! oh, and it’s only $20…

  4. ok, full disclosure. i wear these Frye boots everyday. probably not in a cute “oh she loves those boots and is wearing them for 2 weeks straight!” kind of a way. but more of a “hmmm, does she own any other shoes?” kind of a way. i don’t care. they are perfect. i’ve had them re-soled three times, and they are still amazing. so, yeah. i’m wearing them to sxsw. duh. $348

  5. there are tons of boutique jeans out there, and many awesome ones, for sure. but i have to go for Levi’s as the golden standard. they’re just that awesome! these high-rise skinnies are no exception. $78

  6. if you can’t find them vintage (i remember a few years ago when you could snag them for $10 at the thrift store…) Coach classics are basically reissues of the best designs from the legendary brand. this color is really doing it for me right now, too! $278
we’ll see if this venture out to sx confirms the fact that i’m getting too old for this shit, and that the awesome music festival i once knew has turned into a taco bell dorito piece of crap. maybe we’ll go out and have a great time in spite of it all! i’ll opt for that, as i am generally optimistic and know that we’re going to have a good time no matter what!

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