TRAVEL // ROAD TRIP: Day Trip to Round Top

As we’re still recovering from the madness of SXSW I have my eye on another festival coming up in a few weeks: the Round Top Antique Fair. This particular festival may not bring a “secret” Justin Timberlake show, collaborations like Usher and the Afghan Whigs (wait, what?), or free Taco Bell tacos but, to put it simply, if you’re into cool old stuff this place will be your mecca.

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As I was dancing at a show last week I mentioned the Round Top Antiques Fair. The mention of this festival garnered blank stares from the drunk, dancing people around me.

Me to friends dancing: “Y’all, who wants to road trip with me to the Round Top Antiques Fair a few weeks from now?”

Friends: [eyes roll, resume dancing]

This reinforced what I’ve often suspected, which is that I have aged prematurely and, in some ways, prefer antiques festivals to loud, sweaty shows. But seriously, the Round Top Antique Fair is one of the grandest times the Hill Country has to offer, come spring.

Once you turn on the country road leading out to Round Top and Warrenton, there are literally miles of antique booths lining the road. They carry everything from the more predictable antiques fare (flour tins, old signs) to the fun and bizarre (portraits of cats and doll heads).

The official Round Top Festival happens twice a year, and the 45th Annual Spring Antiques Fair is coming up the weekend of April 3. Wares from all over the world end up here, and it’s widely recognized as the one of the top antiques fairs in the country. Plus, it’s a vintage clothes lover’s heaven - I’ve found peasant blouses from the forties and shift dresses from the sixties.


[Photo: Keelymarie on Flickr]

It’s only an hour and a half away, so make a day trip out of it and stop by Zapps Hall, eat some pie at Royers, and dance to live music at the Carmine Dance Hall nearby.


[Photo: tgts1100 on Panoramio]

Treat yourself by making the trip out this month! Check out the Round Top website for more info.


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